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Studio Immobiliare Valle - Flaminia S.r.l. è lieta di presentare il nuovo sito internet auto adattivo visualizzabile tramite tutti i dispositivi mobile e desktop. Il sito momentaneamente è disponibile solo per gli immobili presenti sul territorio italiano ma verrà completato di tutte le offerte relative alle operazioni immobiliari e gli immobili all'estero. Auguriamo a tutti una buona navigazione


_ Osio Sopra Main Road Front High visibility commercial space directly overlooking a main road with an independent entrance on the ground floor as well as a large private parking Go to the listing


_ Brazil Bahia Arraial D’Ajuda Property located on a plot of land of 17 hectares comprising a variety of recently developed residential buildings equipped with all modern comforts Go to the listing


_ Barcelona Eixample New residential building with a unique design and style, consisting of only 5 units, located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​in one of the most sought-after areas of the moment Go to the listing


_ Dominican Republic Boca Chica Elegant villa of new development of 70 sqm plus 35 sqm of porches inserted within a prestigious residential complex equipped with concierge Go to the listing


_ Bali Seminyak New Villas inspired by timeless beauty and the elegance of the Indonesian style, skilfully revisited in a contemporary way Go to the listing


_ Ponteranica High Real estate for residential or farmhouse use of 172 sqm plus 4,300 sqm of hilly land, located in a particularly value position, with stunning panoramic views Go to the listing


_ Bergamo Longuelo Modern and prestigious new building of contemporary design located directly on the Longuelo park front of with a panoramic view of the city and the splendid public park Go to the listing


_ Bergamo Redona Modern and recent penthouse apartment of 122 sqm plus 95 sqm terrace that laps the property on 3 sides equipped with a large double garage of 37 sqm Go to the listing


_ Bergamo Center via Paglia Prestigious 4 bedrooms apartment of 260 sqm plus 230 sqm of terrace completely luxuriously renovated to new and customized on the layout of the purchaser Go to the listing


_ Albano Sant’Alessandro 4.300 sqm residential development area located in the town center with convenient direct access from the main road with the possibility of creating commercial Go to the listing


_ Bergamo Center Important and renowned business of pub and brewery located in central position adjacent to the main commercial street of the city Go to the listing


_ Ponteranica High Independent portion of historic farmhouse of 490 sqm plus 90 sqm of porch and 600 sqm of private garden and courtyard, property located in a panoramic position Go to the listing


_ Cenate Sotto Important aristocratic property inserted in the prestigious Lupi Castle in Cenate Sotto, a splendid example of medieval noble mansion perfectly renovated Go to the listing


_ Bergamo West Area Important renowned restaurant activity located in a position of primary visibility Go to the listing


_ London Bloomsbury This fantastic one bedroom apartment is located on the third floor of a stunning period mansion Go to the listing


_ Almenno San Bartolomeo Important nineteenth-century property of 1350 sqm equipped with 3000 sqm of richly landscaped historical park, located in the town center Go to the listing


_ Trescore Balneario Important portion of an independent building of 425 square meters located within the renowned Lanzi Castle in Trescore Go to the listing


_ Piana Crixia Property located on the hills of the Bormida valley composed of a colonial house from the early twentieth century of 450 square meters completely renovated and furnished Go to the listing


_ Bergamo Monterosso 360 sqm independent portion of attached villa arranged on 4 levels, equipped with private garden of 200 sqm and a double garage Go to the listing
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