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The Dominican Republic is located in eastern two-thirds of the splendid Hispaniola, the second largest island in the caribbean of the Antilles, next Cuba. The remaining part is, instead, the Republic of Haiti.


Dominate the landscape two colors: the azure of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and the lush verdant exotic flora that grows on the impressive mountain chains on the island and along the rivers that form spectacular waterfalls.


The lowland areas of the country are enclosed between the north mountain and the south-east coast, where stands the capital Santo Domingo and where are the long beaches of white sand that is the major tourist attraction of the country. But, away from the coast, passing through the big plantations where grow sugar cane, cocoa, coffee and tobacco, there is a island to discover, made up of endless mangrove forests (there are currently nine national parks, one of which submarine), secluded bays, beaches (where you can assist with the rituals of love of the humpback whales) and a movida sparkling nightlife in continuous evolution.


The Dominican Republic, with its unspoilt nature, is the ideal place to make long excursions on foot especially in the area of the Central Highlands. Particularly suitable for trekking are also the many national parks scattered throughout the country. About the surf the coasts are the best for the lovers of this sport, certainly, the north and the east, where the best waves: the favorite destinations are the coast of Sosua, but also to Bahia Samaná. Cabarete, sort on a huge bay, and the locations considered among the best in the world for windsurfing.


The view is spectacular as the beaches and coral reefs surround them. Here you meet surfers from all over the world and it is possible to rent equipment and take lessons in windsurfing virtually anywhere. The ability to diving represents one of the greatest attractions of the island, so much so that many hotels propose “all-inclusive offer” which also includes membership of the courses valid to obtain the patent. La Romana, along the south eastern coast of the island, is the excellence golf destination, with its five beautiful trails which challenge golfers from all over the world.


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