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26 Jul Bulgaria Silistra

- BULGARIA _ SILISTRA Industrial structure specialized on production of biodiesel with processing of vegetable oil equipped with all licenses and permissions for production with the possibility of refining more raw materials. Property placed on the river of Danube that marks the territorial division between Bulgaria and Rumenia in the vicinity of the new port of Silistra where will be developing transport towards all the neighbouring countries and others. The property rises on 34,000 sqm area and includes: -Building for production of sunflowers oli with extractors with capacity 120t/24h -Building for the biodiesel with capacity 20T/24h -Building as glycerin refinery -steam production 5t/H -2 silos with volume 8,000 MC and 5.000 MC. -deposit for sunflowers oil 500t and biodiesel 200 MC. -Deposit for rough glycerine -deposit for sunflowers Is possible the immediate development of fuel pump on primary link road, is also possible the purchase of additional 9,000 sqm area front Danube for berthing hulls and storage. Supply contracts already working with Bulgaria...

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