07 Aug Ortona

- ORTONA 10500 sqm development area as tourist - hotel destination, located 600 meters far from the sea bordering municipality area at the sea shore closed to traffic. The approved project provides for the development of a hotel resort consists of building a destination restaurant and office, 10 villas with a total of 30 rooms, directional villa, 400 sqm swimming pool, 1200 square meters of parking and park. Estimated completion times 18 months. Possible extension of the concession for restaurant overlooking the sea and a small marina. Strictly confidential informations only, accreditation is required ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Building not subject to the obligation of energy efficiency certification   VALLE REAL ESTATE Flaminia S.r.l. Real estate and investments 24121 Bergamo – Italy V.le Vitt. Emanuele II n. 65 Ph.  +39 035 231588 Fax +39 035 232714 www.studio-valle.com info@studio-valle.com Facebook: StudioImmobiliareValle Twitter: ValleRealEstate Skype: Valle-Real-Estate...

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