07 Aug Sardinia Iglesias

- SARDINIA _ IGLESIAS Important tourist project on an area of 29,000 sqm including green areas, roads and services. The project consists of 4 blocks of 150 sqm each for height 6 meters and a building volume equal to 3600 cubic meters for 40 rooms as well as services related. Further 13 blocks of 150 sqm for height 9 meters and a building volume equal to 17,500 cubic meters for 195 rooms as well as services. Total development volume 21,000 cubic meters Strictly confidential informations only, accreditation is required ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Building not subject to the obligation of energy efficiency certification   VALLE REAL ESTATE Flaminia S.r.l. Real estate and investments 24121 Bergamo – Italy V.le Vitt. Emanuele II n. 65 Ph.  +39 035 231588 Fax +39 035 232714 www.studio-valle.com info@studio-valle.com Facebook: StudioImmobiliareValle Twitter: ValleRealEstate Skype: Valle-Real-Estate...

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23 Mar Iglesias

- SARDINIA _ IGLESIAS Important development composed of different areas with the possibility of total sale or split sale. The project is composed by: - commercial Area consisting of 10 blocks of 500 sqm each for a total volume obtainable 7700 cubic meters. - 29,000 sqm residential area composed of 4 blocks from 150 sqm each for a total size of 3600 cubic meters plus 13 additional blocks of 150 sqm each for a total size of 17,500 cubic meters. - Hotel "club house" on 1100 sqm lot for a total volume of 5600 cubic meters for 9 suites, restaurant and services plus the possibility of increasing the accommodation in further 7 blocks adjacent for a total of 280 beds. - Villa facing the sea with project for restaurant conversion. - Equipment for the beach on an area of 132,000 sqm with a restaurant far 50 meters from the seaside area, request for granting to the use...

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