15 Dec Cavriglia

- CAVRIGLIA 80 Has farm for sheep goats breeding set on the edge between the provinces of Arezzo and Florence all linked constituting a single property. 60 Has arable crops and pastures and 20 ha are wood (oak and chestnut). The farm is equipped with 1700 sqm agricultural shed with steel structure and walls in cement inside, in addition to the fold, there is a lounge milking for sheep with 48 seats. Sheep: 700. Agricultural Machinery: 3 tractors with all the equipment for the production of cereals and forage. 250 sqm laboratory for the production of pecorino cheese and/or all types of cheese with all the equipment for the processing of milk and for the conservation and maturing of the products (refrigerators). Reserved negotiations ENERGY EFFICIENCY: G 126,2 [Kwh/m³a] ENERGY EFFICIENCY: F 75,2 [Kwh/m³a]   VALLE REAL ESTATE Flaminia S.r.l. Real estate and investments 24121 Bergamo – Italy V.le Vitt. Emanuele II n. 65 Ph.  +39 035 231588 Fax +39 035 232714 www.studio-valle.com info@studio-valle.com Facebook: StudioImmobiliareValle Twitter: ValleRealEstate Skype: Valle-Real-Estate...

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