20 Dec Poiana Maggiore

- POJANA MAGGIORE Important portion of the XIV century castle currently fully to be renovated and allocate. 2000 sqm property approximately for a current size of 6,100 cubic meters that could be expanded to approximately 7,300 cubic meters situated on a plot of land of 10,000 square meters plus additional 6,500 sqm to use park. The complex form an interior courtyard, which is accessed through an arc of passage located at the base of the old tower, which is decorated with a ring dating from the fourteenth century. To the left of the entry tower is situated a barchessa, built on the foundations of the ancient castle belonged to the feudatories of the site. To the right, the chapel from the facade completely smooth, a center port and two windows on the sides. The gable roof is hidden behind a geometric eardrum. The destination of use is "residential" and "compatible with the residential" (Hotel, Resort or...

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