24 May Chbika

- CHBIKA Nestled amidst desert, cliffs and ocean, Chbika is the personification of a hidden Saharan paradise coming out of an artist’s canvas. It may seem like a poet’s dream mto find a town huddled within a plateau, but it was Oued Chbika that combined art, architecture and state-of- the- art infrastructure to create a picture perfect beach town that moulds the novelty of the desert and charm of the sea. With views of the majestic Atlantic Ocean, Chbika basks in year round sunny climates ideally fit for those seeking year-round sun and refreshing Atlantic sea breeze. Coming across a location of such untapped beauty along with the unique landscape of sea, mountains and sand harmoniously co-existing; has contributed to the natural molding of Chbika’s architecture with the natural surroundings. Creating Chbika amidst this breathtaking milieu will unveil the splendour of this new getaway. You can say that this place is an addition...

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