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About This Project

When living has a special taste…
A few steps from viale Ceccarini, between the center and the sea of Riccione, a residence of new conception, which offers all of the quality of a valuable property.


Designed with a particular care for the definition of environments and details, the realization is composed of autonomous residential areas at the ground floor, overlooking the garden, and apartments on 4 floors (those in the penthouse, linked to private terraces derived over the whole surface of the roof).


Exteriors and interiors have been designed as a fluid single body, to give maximum light and breathing space for each apartment.


Technological solutions of last generation and ecological materials ensure energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.


Who chooses, has a special taste of life: living in an island of serenity, in the green heart of Riccione.


A magic box intimate and bright.
The development is composed of architectural bodies with essential design: autonomous residences at the ground floor, and a homogeneous higher volume, suspended on the garden, furrowed by bands of the shadow of the shielding system.


The architectural lines make a balanced and elegant body, in which each aesthetic choice dialogs with precise solutions of functionality.


The day area of each apartment opens to a large loggia through large stained glass windows.


Cool in summer and warm in winter, the interior is open and at the same time intimate: primary condition for comfort and confidentiality.


Just as the ground floor, that in the game of inside and outside, opens to the green of the garden in an inviting continuity, free from structural and visual barriers.


The result of a careful and rigorous architecture, a magic box, born from a meticulous research project, which sees in the quality of living a value of true modernity.


An integrated project of architecture and energy efficiency.


Automation, environmental friendliness are the result of technological solutions applied.
A building of new design and construction, cannot in fact apart from these conditions, which determine – equal of materials and finishings – architectural quality and excellence housing.


Emblematic Example of this evolution design are the loggias of each apartment: spaces – diaphragm between inside and outside, able to adjust the microclimate, in relation to the seasons (fresh and airy in summer; warm and protected winter).


Equally functional both the aesthetics and both the comfort are the shielding system to brise, which combines the graphic sign of horizontal lines, with beneficial bioclimatic effects, in addition the control of light.


Alongside these solutions determined by architectural choices, the realization is equipped with functions ‘active’ and ‘passive’ aimed at energy efficiency of each environment of the building.


Heating and air conditioning are regulated by heat pump and solar thermal plant. All the functions of the interior thermoelectric systems are governed by ‘intelligent’ home automation.


The housing solutions.


On the left: Ground Floor.
Apartment A: 73 Sqm _ exclusive external 293 sqm .
Apartment B: 72 Sqm _ exclusive external 342 sqm .
Apartment C: 72 Sqm _ exclusive external 282 sqm .
3 units at the ground floor, autonomous, surrounded by the green of the garden.


First floor
Apartment A: 70 Sqm _ loggia 29 sqm
Apartment B: 62 Sqm _ loggia/balcony 23 sqm
Apartment C: 68 Sqm _ loggia/balcony 23 sqm
Apartment D: 76 Sqm _ loggia 27 sqm


Second Floor
Apartment A: 71 Sqm _ loggia 27 sqm
Apartment B: 65 Sqm _ loggia/balcony 20 sqm
Apartment C: 70 Sqm _ loggia/balcony 23 sqm
Apartment D: 75 Sqm _ loggia 27 sqm


Third floor
Apartment A: 73 Sqm _ loggia 26 sqm
Apartment B: 61 Sqm _ loggia/balcony 26 sqm
Apartment C: 80 Sqm _ loggia/balcony 35 sqm
Apartment D: 77 Sqm _ loggia 27 sqm


Fourth floor and Terrace
Apartment A: 73 Sqm _ loggia 15 sqm _ terrace 106 sqm
Apartment B: 65 Sqm _ loggia/balcony 13 sqm _ terrace 81 sqm
Apartment C: 80 Sqm _ loggia/balcony 16 sqm _ terrace 74 sqm
Apartment D: 87 Sqm _ loggia 19 mq _ terrace 98 sqm


19 housing units in 5 floors above the ground with attached garage, single and double on 2 underground floors.


ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Energy certification pending


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