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Prestigious great architectural merit historical hotel localised in stunning merit and centrality position.


Charm property to be restored for a total size of about 1750 sqm, completed with 4000 sqm splendid historical park, terraced areas for restaurant and catering, spectacular panoramic views.


The property is equipped with prestigious historical gate with staircase directly from the central square of the town where it might be possible the realization of a wide Underground area to use garages and services, wide terrace are present in all the Park from which admire a splendid natural and historical scenery, and to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Statues, fountains, and a garden original furniture enrich the charm of the structure, a service facility, which formerly used as a restaurant, with great central court for banquets and outdoors events.


Inside there are spacious rooms, richly ornaments and in part frescoes, Venetian floors, the typical design of the villas of noble epoch of membership.


Possibility of important residential development is in the stage of approval with the possibility of custom project design.


The property for its unique location and its quality is perfectly suitable as luxury – boutique hotel.


Strictly confidential informations only, accreditation is required


ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Building not subject to the obligation of energy efficiency certification


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