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74.5 has land far 45 minutes from San Jose, Costa Rica traveling along a highway recently inaugurated. The property is crossed by a river and is of great natural beauty, with varied characteristics that allow to consider the development of projects of different nature.

From a part of the land you will have a wonderful view that embraces the Nicoya peninsula, the isthmus of Puntarenas and the surrounding islands. An area further consists of a plain crossed by the river Esparza and bordering on a public road. Finally, a minor part of the land is characterized by the presence of a hollow for extraction of inert material for the construction of dirt roads or layers below the road surface asphalted road: a product that is highly valued and subject of a strong market demand in Costa Rica.

The land borders with real estate projects that have already completed the sale of lots. Currently, most of the properties have been purchased by members of the upper-middle-class and high Costa Rican and foreign (North American and European).

The property for sale is located in an excellent situation from the point of view of the road: situated at the side of the coast in the tract where ends the highway San Jose-Caldera , and the coastal area closest to the capital (and the international airport: 45 minutes), and between the ports-tourist trade of Puntarenas and Caldera and is the crossroads of the tourist route most famous of Costa Rica. Just 5 minutes away is instead Esparza, the town’s most ancient of the country that offers all the urban services.

Esparza, only 2.5 km away from the land, and destined to a considerable growth in the short term, as indicated by the next opening of hotel infrastructures, from the new hospital that will replace the current hospital company of Puntarenas, and by new health centers and clinics in the private sector. In addition, the reputation of the city with the highest standard of safety and public services increases the tendency of the inhabitants to move toward this zone while avoiding the chaotic and insecure districts of the capital.

The interesting for this stretch of the coast is in continuous growth and has revolutionized the expectations of real estate business, thanks to the time to get to the capital, reduced to 50 %. The region does not have an adequate supply to the demand for real estate for the upper-middle-class, nor of the commercial centers that can meet the demand of tourists who arrive in mass to the region also thanks to the stage made by different cruise lines in the ports of Puntarenas (15 minutes away) and Caldera (10 minutes).

the neighboring land are reevaluated during the last 5 years at least a 400 %, passing to cost from $4 per square meter, price at which sold the real estate developers of projects neighbors, up to 20 (price largely exceeded by some lots, depending on the characteristics) that cost to today. In the meantime, the land adjacent to the city center of Esparza have touched the roof of the $50 per sqm. This continuous reassessment grants to land for sale the size of ideal business even in the case of a simple speculative investment  that points in the first place to protect the capital from financial ‘storms’ and tax and to a sale in the short or medium term that generates a considerable profit.

In particular the reassessment is ensured by public road that defines the ground and that represents the shorter length of union between Esparza and the highway to San Jose. Today, the municipal council of Esparza has approved a resolution for the rehabilitation of the road, in disuse for several years, and for which work is necessary for restructuring, especially in the section in which crosses the river Esparza. The restoration of the communication route would also reach from seal beach of Doña Ana, a biological reserve of considerable environmental value equipped with facilities seaside resort, just 5 minutes by crossing an area of interest in landscape and naturalistic.

It deserves a chapter in the presence of the hollow: the exploitation was made already in the past (a previous that opens the door to a new mining concession) and the opportunities it offers would bring considerable income. The same work of extraction would serve to structure the ground for a subsequent property promotion. The material has a market value of approximately $100 for a wagon (12 cubic meters) and the ground of the cave is about 5.6 ha.

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