VALLE real estate and Investiments was born in 1999 after a constant involvment in real estate business by the owner Flaminia Valle since 1982.


Our trend, exclusively focus on prestigious real estates and important real estate business, requires the highest professional skills, an impeccable reputation and unfaltering competence.


Valle Real Estate and Investiments is one of the first italian real estate companies to get access tothe  global market thanks to the pioneering use of the web market, in fact Valle Real Estate and Investiments is among the first in the industry to create a commercial web network to provide the customers an efficient service of online marketing since the beginning of this technology.


Today Valle Real Estate and Investiments sells real estate in Italy and in more than 30 countries in the world monitoring the local markets and the emerging markets to provide the customers an offer always updated, punctual and efficient as well as to offer always the best real estate and the best investments in the positions of global interest.


In the long course of the professional company growth Valle Real Estate and Investiments has established business relationship with many of the most important international development companies and became partner of important credit institutes for disposals of real estate assets and more became a consultant for some of the most important investment italian and international companies.


Valle Real Estate and Investiments is a solid reality in the complex Italian real estate market as well as landmark for professional excellence.