02 Mar Brazil Comandatuba

- BRAZIL_ COMANDATUBA Important development project of residential construction / hotel / Commercial / Golf Club / Marina / Catering / Sports / Casino. The property is located on the island of Comandatuba, a tropical paradise overlooking stunning beaches of fine white sand and on the ocean from one side and from the other side on large river of mangroves that from hinterland opens into the ocean creating a mixture of sweet and savory waters, a unique place where is settled a hotel structures of greater merit of Brazil, a few steps from an airport arranged for the development of international flights (far only 3 km from the airport) and widely served by the highway far about 90 km from Ilheus and further 100 km from Salvador. The development has a territorial surface of about 3,000,000 square meters for a total buildable area in project of 225,000 sqm and is divided into several...

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