27 Oct Ciserano

- CISERANO Industrial production shed with the possibility of changing the use destination in commercial of 3300 sqm located in a private area of 8000 sqm located directly opposite the freeway La Francesca. The property consists of 2 adjacent building internally connected, the first of 2100 sqm and the second of 600 sqm on 2 levels for a total of 1.200 sqm. Currently the shed has an internal height of 7.5 meters but the plan allows up to 10 meters in height. A residual buildable volume is available for expansion or supercharging of 11,500 Cubic meters. Missing works of flooring, sewers, windows, fire alarms and finishes. It is possible to purchase the property in the state of fact for € 1.350.000,00. Or is possible to purchase the finished property for € 2,150,000.00. It is possible the total or partial change of destination of use in commercial with charges equal to € 45 / sqm. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Building not subject...

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15 Oct Ciserano

– CISERANO Development area for industrial, commercial and welfare of 23,000 sqm located in a position of great logistic comfort, a few steps from the future Verdello exit of the motorway link road. The area has development potential for 9,300 sqm with a maximum height of 12 meters, is equipped with 2 entrances and 2 exits and the construction of an industrial / commercial building or even a social welfare structure is granted. It is possible to sell the development area for € 100 / sqm to be ubanized or for € 126 / sqm already ubanized. Deduction charges for € 500,000.00, works already performed € 330,000.00. It is also possible to purchase the finished building for € 800 / sqm. It is also possible to purchase the area divided into 2 lots: Lot 1 _ 14.000 sqm with a buildable area of 7.300 sqm and an internal height of 12 meters. Lot 2 _ 6.200 sqm...

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