26 Jul Zeme

- ZEME Wide 75.000 sqm productive-industrial Area ready to use and equipped with 10.000 sqm already built sheds and offices, urbanized. Situated between Lombardy and Piedmont, two kilometers from the exit of the new brebemi highway. Large areas of manoeuvre, property is perfectly suitable for activities that require strong distance from housing. Possible of further development up to the 50% of the area for about 35.000,00 building to develop. The warehouses currently developed require renovation. € 2.000.000,00 not negotiable. It is possible trhe assumption of existing mortgage for about € 1.450.000,00 (Naturally verified the solvency of the buyer or possible subrogation of the mortgage ). ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Building not subject to the obligation of energy efficiency certification   VALLE REAL ESTATE Flaminia S.r.l. Real estate and investments 24121 Bergamo – Italy V.le Vitt. Emanuele II n. 65 Ph.  +39 035 231588 Fax +39 035 232714 www.studio-valle.com info@studio-valle.com Facebook: StudioImmobiliareValle Twitter: ValleRealEstate Skype: Valle-Real-Estate...

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