17 Jan Calasetta

- CALASETTA Tourist development area for the construction of tourist - hotel / apartments building situated in a unique position, far 600 meters from the beach and 3 kilometers from the town center, equipped of granting authorization with landscape authorization of development, with splendid sea view of San Pietro Island and Carloforte. 49.445 sqm area of which 11.834 sqm to develop public park and public car parking lot, 7900 sqm as private park and 18300 sqm of building area for which is available an allowed hotel potential development size equal to 11,800 cubic meters. The project foresees the realization of 70 rooms hotel for a size of 7,400 cubic meters plus touristic resort for 19 Apartments and a size of 4,400 cubic meters, for a total of 230 / 250 beds. There is also possibility of size increase up to 25%. The project foresees the development of 2 swimming pools, sports facilities, welfare path. Potential...

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