16 Dec Orvieto Historical Center

- ORVIETO _ HISTORICAL CENTER Important historicall noble building set in the historical centre overlooking Orvieto city. 4.600 sqm widely frescoed reality currently to be restructured and designed completed with courtyards, loggias, roof garden and ancient underground rooms. The most important private Palace of Orvieto. Already mentioned by Vasari as an example of refinement, was built in 16 th century over 14 th and 15 th century structures on a Sangallo project then amended by Mosca. The seventeenth-century part of the building is affected by the first half of the century Romans influences: both for the design of the facade (with moldings and exhibitions of minimum emphasis windows), both for the concept configuration with passing courtyard. The palace, protected as property of historical and artistic interest by the Belle arti, presents an important tribute to Ippolito Scalza and a series of frescoes. The building is situated in the heart of the Orvieto city, in...

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