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Torre De’ Roveri

Important residential development project of value comprising 9 building plots available for purchase separately

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Bergamo Center

6000 sqm building to be retrained

Cologno Al Serio Liteggio Castle

Important XV century Visconti castle currently fully to be renovated

Bergamo Hills

Important historical property positioned in the center of the town and surrounded by 20000 sqm park

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Bergamo Center

Prestigious real estate complex totally luxuriously renovated situated in a central and comfortable position

Sardinia Sea Front Luxury Property

Important luxury property situated on the sea-shore on a headland surrounded on three sides by the sea

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Alessandria XV Century Castle

Important XV century castle completely restructured and is immersed in 300.000 sqm park

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Magenta Industrial Commercial Shed

Shed located in an area of excellent visibility inside of commercial context already started

Bedizzole Historical Palace

Important seventeenth century noble property

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Vigevano Agricultural Real Estate

Important agricultural estate comprising 290 hectares of land


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