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Bergamo New Hospital Area

Important development area to destination services, commercial and residential center

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Bergamo Center

Important XIX century building complex for a total size of 23,000 sqm on a 33,000 sqm area

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Torre De Roveri

Important new development project for the construction of commercial space to use as supermarket

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25,000 sqm development area with building possibilities for a total size of 15.000 sqm

Capriate San Gervasio

Freeway front Area to develop as productive / tertiary located 15 minutes from Bergamo and 25 minutes from Milan

Torre De Roveri Center

Plan of lots already urbanized situated a few steps away from the town center

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Bergamo Center

Prestigious epoch building situated in one of the location of higher quality and centrality of the city


Rare example of Bergamo barn origins dated back to the 1000 year

Gazzaniga Orezzo

Development plot located in wonderfully panoramic position overlooking the valley

Scanzorosciate Hills

2 Beautiful building plots situated in a hilly and wonderfully panoramic position


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