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About This Project

New garages will be available in the historic center of the upper city, a project of great importance for the city of Bergamo and a secure one-of-a-kind real estate investment.


The development is located in via Porta Dipinta in Bergamo High, a logistically optimal position for convenient vehicle transit and easy access to most of the houses located in Bergamo Old City center.


The site is characterized by a strong historical – symbolic sensitivity as the park will settle within the ancient Venetian walls of the city of Bergamo, the work will foresee the restoration of the existing archaeological buildings for their usability and the realization of the works of strong public value.


The project involves the construction of 59 completely underground mechanized private parking spaces located in 6 underground floors near the bastion that overlooks the walls through the closed-end branch of Via Porta Dipinta through a concealed mechanized car lift aimed at keeping the landscape unaltered and recover the actual status of the places (the landing and handling structures will not be visible outside).


The car parks will allow to respond to a strong demand from residents, eliminating the use of ground parking spaces, without affecting the current traffic flow of via Porta Dipinta, thanks to the modest size and exclusively intended for residents.


A conservative restoration will be carried out on the artifacts of the Roman era found in the subsoil recovering the original wall, as well as the ancient cistern which will be made visible through steel frames and a walkway. The restoration of some basement rooms (it is assumed to be used as a literary wine shop) will provide useful information regarding the history and the food and wine tradition of the Bergamo area, creating a suggestive environment duly illuminated with the restoration of the terraced green area with a view of the city that will be accessible via stairs and pedestrian paths making it accessible.


No longer a static space to be viewed but an active space to live in which art, culture and technology are harmoniously linked together, maintaining the state of the places with their own characterizing identity and, at the same time, making it visually and functional stimulating.


The Lift Park model is an automated platform car park suitable for car parks with a maximum height of 1,88 meters. The cars are parked on wheeled platforms, a Shuttle trolley moves horizontally on each floor, positions itself in front of the stall with the car to be recovered, transfers the platform from the stall to the shuttle itself, moves over the elevator and goes up on the street level where the user can take possession of his car. The car parking is equipped with a turntable to allow entry and exit in forward gear.


Cars powered by methane or LPG cannot be parked.


Delivery December 2023.


Tax recovery available for 50% of the construction cost of the garages.


Properties that can also be purchased for investment (by non-residents) with the obligation to rent them to residents of the upper city area.


The companies that will carry out the works are the following:
SMV Costruzioni – https://www.smvcostruzioni.it
ParkPiu – https://www.parkpiu.it/


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