Villa Linda Residence

About This Project

VILLA LINDA RESIDENCE – Bergamo via Sudorno 17


Prestigious aristocratic villa dating from the nineteenth century totally renovated in full historical and stylistic respect, situated in the hills of the old city of Bergamo in an extremely panoramic position.

The property comprises noble Villa and 2 guest house.

Were developed independent apartments of various sizes with wide gardens and panoramic terraces. Great importance has the excavation for the garages that was executed inside of the mountain for 2 staggered floors, served by elevator and with car access from the ancient walls of via Sudorno.

The park has been fractionated, pruned, terraced and landscaped giving to the entire property a unique view of the whole Padana Plain.

The renovation was carried out in very broad terms in the interior of the noble villa where were renovated the old floors in venetian sown, fireplaces, balustrades and terraces in stone, was given free views to the housing units on the ground floor, renovated the mansards, completely revisited the 2 guest houses maintaining the original style of the noble villa.

The tranquillity, the panorama and the prestigious epoch context make it one of the most appreciated property of Bergamo’s hills.


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