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Important portion of an independent building of 840 sqm located inside the renowned Lanzi Castle in Trescore, skilfully restored with the intervention of internationally renowned artists equipped with 300 sqm of exclusive garden in the ancient condominium park located on the top of the hill of Trescore Balneario with a panoramic view of the valley and a short distance from Bergamo city.

Internally the property is arranged in:
On the ground floor entrance, lounge area, large living room with fireplace and access to the panoramic terrace, large kitchen, bathroom, living room with fireplace.
On the first floor master bedroom with bathroom, further 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, portion of open space tower for further living use.
On the second floor there is a large portion of a medieval tower open on the lower floor and a further attic where it is possible to place additional living areas or additional bedrooms with bathrooms according to the need for use.
In the basement there is a splendid tavern with independent access and exit to the garden plus a further living room with fireplace.

The building, unique in its kind, is finished with wide use of original materials of the medieval castle in combination with modern technical solutions in a really suggestive setting.

The property is completed with 5 garages and parking spaces.

The house, of considerable size, was designed with already four different future entrances and with a dedicated area for the installation of a small elevator that would start from an entrance under the entrance hall of the Castle in order to easily reach all the floors.

All the wooden ceilings could not be recovered, so new slabs of exposed joists were rebuilt, where the choice of cement is to be understood in relation to a dialectical architectural relationship between the contemporary and the ancient: it was preferred to privilege the contemporary and contemporaries, believing it correct not to repeat a false history.

A small work by Carl Andre, suggested how to create the new floor of the entrance-day area, alternating between gloss and opaque and light to dark: entering from the main entrance is therefore a marble paneled floor Carrara is in serena stone, black-white, positive-negative.

In the same way, in the restoration of the House, the same dialectic was sought, favoring and highlighting the architecture of the tower of the ‘200. In the kitchens and in the living room, terracotta from the ‘600 was recovered and reused, while in the reception hall ‘500 terracotta floor.

Marcello Morandini intervened in the entrance with an installation that wants to be an expansion of a wall cut at 45 °, inserting after the head of the same a black wooden panel that represents in negative the rhythms of graphic sequences represented on the rhomboid prisms in polycarbonate that make up the work; on the same wall Richard Long has created a great pictorial work, engraved in the Venetian shaved masonry.

In the main entrance of the house, after removing the doormat, a large mirror has been installed that reflects both the garden and the house and provocatively, said by Cattelan, who is neither the architect, serve to watch the legs of the ladies who come into the house ….

In the Tower, above the living area, during the restoration, beneath two layers of lime plaster were found naive paintings of the ‘300 that were published and represent scenes of hunting, war and the most significant of ladies party and knights and probably want to represent the extraordinary and most significant events in the life of the castle, when for example both Emperor Ludovico il Bavaro and Charles IV of Bohemia lodged there.

The Aminella Castle dates back to the 13rd century. Over the centuries it has undergone various modifications, expansions and changes of destination. The last one, the one that delivered the Castle, in the known form, was in the 30s signed by Eng. Angelini, co-designer of the whole “new center” of Bergamo.

Of the six towers that formed the original nucleus of the Castle erected by the Lanzi family, the only one to be saved from the demolitions imposed by the Colleoni and the Serenissima in the mid-fifteenth century, is the large 13th century tower now part of the house.

A large park surrounds the castle: before entering a row of cypress trees and beyond the entrance to follow a row of mulberry trees.

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