08 Jul Cologno Al Serio Liteggio Castle

- COLOGNO AL SERIO _ LITEGGIO CASTLE Important XV century Visconti castle currently fully to be renovated. 2500 sqm building composed of characteristic quadrangular plant, equipped with a moat and land of approximately 10,000 sq m . It was built by the Visconti in a strategic position for the position near to the ditch of Bergamo, where was the the borders with the Republic of Venice. Still are visible parts of crenellated masonry and moat, details which made it a mighty fortification at the time of the development. As a result of the typological characteristics and on the basis of the structural and architectonic elements, the complex built has particular historical-cultural and architectural interest. The building preserves the characteristic quadrangular plant surrounded by a moat, invoking the medieval typology near town of Cologno al Serio, which was the urban historic core surrounded by a moat. Is available an approved recovery project for the residential fractionation in...

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