23 Sep Zanica

- ZANICA 7.990 sqm residential development area inserted in a residential development neighbourhood which is only a few steps away from the town center in direction Azzano San Paolo and Stezzano facing agricultural area. The batch of 7.990 sqm has a buildable area equal to 7.395 sqm with an index of volumetric allocation of 0.70 cubic meters / Sqm for a total of 5.593 cubic meters buildable with maximum height of 9 meters. The area allows also a zonal index of development equal to 1.20 cubic meters / Sqm and it is therefore possible to buy the volumetric rights for more 3300 cubic meters up to a maximum of 8.874 cubic meters. The area is situated at the borders of recent residential development where were constructed mainly small buildings and apartments in villa, it is then possible to proceed with the construction to step or in a full building. The destination of use is residential...

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